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Doll Doctor's Association

Dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, techniques and philosophies associated with the restoration and preservation of antique and modern dolls.


Q: When does my DDA membership expire?
A: The DDA renews ALL memberships in June of each calendar year. The membership is not prorated from the time of application. So if you joined sometime after June you will renew in June of the next calendar year.

Q: Does the DDA certify or license Doll Doctor's?
A: No. Please read the Disclaimer information.

Q: How do I know if a Doll Doctor is reputable and reliable?
A: When you contact the Doctor of your choice ask for references and contact those references.

Q: How do I join a state chapter?
A: Look at the contact information in the Membership section for the link to Chapter officers.

Q: There is no Chapter in my state/country, how do I get one started?
A: Contact the DDA President and request the information for the Chapter development expert. That individual can lead you through the process to establish a new chapter.


Q. Do I have to be a member to get my doll repaired?

A:  No, Simply find a Doll Doctor using our Hospital locator and contact them directly for more information.


Q: Can I sell you my doll?

A: Any purchase or sale of goods should be conducted directly with the individual Hospital in your local area. You can find and contact them using our Hospital Locator.